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Engaged Art Fair, De Balie, Amsterdam

Guided Tours i.c.w. Kunstvlaai - Festival of Project Spaces, Amsterdam Art Weekend

Saturday 26th Guided Tours:
12:00-13:00 h - Start Nieuw Dakota (Dutch)
15:00-16:00 h - Start Neverneverland

Sunday 27th Guided Tours:
12:00-13:00 h - Start Peer Paper Platform (Dutch)
15:00-16:00 h - Start Neverneverland

December 2016

November 2016



Manifesta 11, Cabaret de Voltaire, 2016. Photo by Freek Willems. Special thanks to Samuel Wille (sports commentator)

­­­­- as it happened, 2016
Situated in the space, the sports commentator describes and reflects upon the current situation in that space. During a period of forty-five minutes, the commentator outlines what he sees: what kind of people entering, what they are wearing, observing their movements and behaviour. He shines a light on their characteristics, describes how the visitors drift through the space and informs us about their private conversations. The outcome, a live story, depends on what is going on in the space and also relies on the commentator’s subjective point of view. By zooming in this way, the audience itself becomes the subject of viewing. It also affects the visitors’ behaviour when they get aware of these comments; what will be their next move?

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